Leave Your Dust To Us

Welcome to a safer, disinfect, cleaner and Covid-19 free environment with Texas Reliable Maid living room cleaning services. From simply emptying trash bin to running vacuum on carpet, dusting out some dirt from blinds to washing sofas with harsh chemicals. We are more than your traditional cleaning service team. Making your living room germs and virus free, our unique approach of 2W will get you fall in love with your living room. And will set you free from the fear of having Corona virus.

Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so they easily become cluttered and dirty. The cleaning experts at Texas reliable Maid are here to help! Not only do we offer cleaning services that allow you to get back to living your life while we take care of keeping the house clean; we’re also your one-stop shop for all the tips you need to keep a clean living room when we’re not there to help.


Why the cleaning of fireplace holds significance and how can it prevent your family from Corona virus? Well, the smoke that comes out of fireplace effects air quality. It weakens your immunity and strengthens you for being the victim of Covid-19. Plus, chimneys have a debris of dirt that should be removed in order to be safe from this on-going pandemic. At Texas Reliable Maid, experience top-notch fireplace cleaning service without being money-cripple.


As we know that the kitchen is not only a place for cooking but it is a gateway to sickness as well if it is not cleaned regularly Here, we come into play. With Texas Reliable Maid residential cleaning services, your kitchen will mirror the true image of a cleaned and safer cooking area.


The bathroom of your house experience loads of use throughout the day. And that’s why keeping mildew and soap scum at bay is very tough to do while you are balancing the responsibilities of work and family. We provides bathroom cleaning services that helps you in maintain a pristine washroom.

We go beyond dusting and washing

In the midst of this corona outbreak, all we need is to have a safer and disinfect living places. Talking about home so kitchen is the first and the foremost place to be free from germs and viruses. In this regard, dusting and washing every surface is the basic stage. However, when it comes to making your kitchen disinfected, we go one step ahead. Using certified and environment loving chemicals such as detergents and sanitizers, our housekeeping team will clean and disinfect your kitchen inside out.

What sets us apart from the crowd

Leaving bathroom cleaning services when you are investing in housekeeping services makes no sense especially during this corona virus outbreak. Texas Reliable Maid bathroom cleaning team serves your washroom with love and care. Our dedicated experts cleans your washroom from top to bottom. Our cleaning services include:

• Scrubbing and rinsing seat, showers and sinks
• Removing well-built scum of soaps
• Disinfecting and sanitizing every corner of toilet
• Cleaning fixtures and lights
• Wiping down mirrors and vanity

During this on-going pandemic, gift yourself a bathroom that is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized and stay far away from this corona virus with ease. Your bathroom and our magical cleaning will make your washroom shiny and sparkling. 

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We Cover All Your Needs

Offering a plethora of cleaning services, Texas Reliable Maid takes care of your homes and offices and make them anti-germs and anti-viruses. Whether it is regular cleaning or deep, our robust procedures ensure a healthy environment. Thus, no more stress of cleaning now and let us make you enjoy breathing in fresh air. We provide: