Leave Your Dust To Us

As the coronavirus is increasing dramatically, maintaining homes and offices is important to control the spread of harmful diseases. Therefore, Texas Reliable Maid offers state-of-the-art disinfecting services.

Whether it is a house or an established company, creating a healthier environment is the demand of today. In order to meet requirements for both commercial and residential property, we not only deliver disinfecting services but provide deep cleans and sanitizing services as well. Using certified and eco-friendly chemicals, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced cleaning techniques. Texas Reliable Maid is capable of creating a safer environment for your personnel and loved ones.

Want to know how do we work? Let’s see

Texas Reliable Maid is proud to help residential and commercial clients in removing harmful and active spread of viruses from their properties. With the commitment of your safety and welfare, our virus disinfection solutions are effective to kill a vast range of viruses. It’s time to take a deep dive into our cleaning procedures:

  • Our innovative cleaning solutions control the robust spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Utilization of certified chemicals such as sanitizers, sprays, and cleaners make your place not only clean but safe also.
  • A paradigm shift to the use of eco-friendly products insure an invigorating environment. 

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Our virus disinfection services knock out viruses hundred percent

With a wide range of service options, Texas Reliable Maid guards your loved ones, personnel, and facilities. While we all are struggling with COVID-19, our cleaning solutions are designed particularly to damage other dreadful bacteria and pathogens as well. Therefore, protect not only yourself but the people around you with the help of the authorized virus disinfecting team at Texas Reliable Maid. Our services include:

  • Sanitizing plans
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Deep clean
  • Highly sensitive point area focus

With these, we control infectious diseases with excellence. So that together we can move towards a healthier place to live in and to work in.  

Immediate safety you can count on

With the opening of offices, the necessary measures to stay away from the coronavirus are mandatory. Plus, it is imperative to ensure a safe and healthier working place as well. Texas Reliable Maid delivers virus disinfection services to clean and decontaminate every sort of commercial building that is reopening after lockdown. Hiring a team of professionals from Texas Reliable Maid means taking the safety of the personnel to the next level. We disinfect your working place by deep cleaning and fogging with environment-friendly products. They eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Hence, your business place and our best cleaning practices take you one step ahead towards success during this coronavirus outbreak for sure.

Are you ready to combat against Covid-19?

During this on-going pandemic, a better understanding of virus spreading facts and then preparing your workplace accordingly holds a higher significance. At Texas Reliable Maid, our mission is to be a trustworthy disinfection team that assist you in combating against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses. Our professionals are fully trained and equipped to handle disinfections for both residential and commercial properties all across Houston, Texas. At Texas Reliable Maid, you will meet the experts that follow all the guidelines and recommendations by CDC properly. Our proactive measures provide an immediate shield to your family and working groups. Thus, we work seamlessly and tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy place.